When hosting your website, ORXNet provides the following basic services:
* Support for PHP 5 and Perl scripts
* Access by sFTP
* 10Gb diskspace (negotiable)
* Fast and reliable fiber-optic internet connetion (50Mbit up/down)

In addition to these you can also get the following more advanced services:
* MySQL database
* PhpMyAdmin to manage your database
* Access by ssh (not always possible)

Please note that unfortunately we do not yet provide domain name registration service due to legal limitations! Though of course we can help you with choosing a good registrator and configuring the domain correctly.

How to get a webhosting account?

This service is free for people living in the Oude RKZ, their close friends and also for non-profit/non-commercial organizations.
To get an account just let us know by filling out the contact form on this website. You can also visit our office on mondays from 20:30 in the Nieuwe Kantoor.