There is a new Social network created by and for it's users. This network consists of servers (computers) called "POD's" all over the world which are connected to one another. The code behind it is completely Open Source and anyone can set up a server with Diaspora*.

ORXNet has set up a server dedicated to the Diaspora network. Of course you can choose to create your account on any server you want, anywhere in the world.
ORXNet has a fast and reliable server running in The Netherlands, Groningen where you can also create your account. Click here to create your account on our server: POD.ORKZ.NET

This social network has a lot resemblance with Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. In fact, those networks have even copied some layout of the Diaspora-code recently! While logged in, you can create posts with text, photos and movies in it. You can automatically post your content to your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr account if you want to.
Furthermore you have the ability to follow #hashtags of your choosing, this is like the Twitter-concept.

Log in and see for yourself!


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